You should never read this blog.. but if you must..

This is purely a place where I  can post ramblings and opinions that will most likely offend other 'tech bloggers.'

It is my opinion that there are far too many people out there with opinions. And while I and my opinions may soon become an outdated philosophy at least there will be a record of them on this great thing called the internet. I often found myself about to flame someone in thier own blog because thier idealistic views have lost sight of some common sense. I figured why not find a place where I can place these rambings that they can't be removed.

Moreover, I'm sure in doing this that I will take the oportunity to make idealistic comments that will soon make me the person I loath. So please take some time and tell me when I'm being a complete hypocrit. It won't change anything as I already know I am.. but it might make you feel better.

Without criticism how do we expect to further our persuits into the purity of blind ambition and unadulterated knowledge?


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