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FACEBOOK: Use is optional…


First as with all posts I should start off right.

Richard Metzger you make me sad that I have to compare your¬†competence¬†with that of a child, if only because I like kids… now that I got that off my chest lets inform the public.

MYTH #1: Facebook is un-friending your friends for you.

How many of you or your friends have:

  • a second Facebook account?
  • an account you forgot about and you don’t use anymore?
  • fake Facebook accounts to spy on loved ones or cheating spouses?
  • fake Facebook accounts because you or your friend is a cheating spouse?
  • a friend that never replies to your post about little Johnny’s first poopie… and how proud you are of him?

Well, when you are the size of Facebook in both distribution content and user-base, you have to flush the proverbial toilet every once in a while. Continue reading

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