FACEBOOK: Use is optional…


First as with all posts I should start off right.

Richard Metzger you make me sad that I have to compare your¬†competence¬†with that of a child, if only because I like kids… now that I got that off my chest lets inform the public.

MYTH #1: Facebook is un-friending your friends for you.

How many of you or your friends have:

  • a second Facebook account?
  • an account you forgot about and you don’t use anymore?
  • fake Facebook accounts to spy on loved ones or cheating spouses?
  • fake Facebook accounts because you or your friend is a cheating spouse?
  • a friend that never replies to your post about little Johnny’s first poopie… and how proud you are of him?

Well, when you are the size of Facebook in both distribution content and user-base, you have to flush the proverbial toilet every once in a while. Continue reading

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#include <stdio.h>

int main (void) {
printf("I'm sure you are here because it hurts when someone calls you out.");
return -1;


Microsoft Office 2010 and Dan Miller (CIO.com Blogger)

Dear Dan… In response to the following article you wrote back in 2009:

You’re an idiot. Comparing iWorks to Office is like comparing iMovie to Final Cut Pro. I don’t care that this article is nearly three years old. You obviously missed the point then and I’m guessing unchanged in your dillusions now.

That’s great that you don’t care to have the capabilities in a fully developed productivity suite. Hell now adays you can perform the basic functions of all these products for free with Google and Microsoft’s cloud based productivity suites.

The point is Microsoft isn’t marketing to you and youre blogging buddies. They are building products for business… products which are easily extendable while providing a full range of capabilities without the need for extension. They’re so good at it … a majority of thier revenue is generated out of this single platform. They’re so good at it, there really isn’t another product that is more synonomous with the business environment. Yeah.. there are several free web-based semi close systems.. and there is staroffice/openoffice if you don’t mind having to rewrite papers or save every ten minutes because it crashes continously on anything other than Solaris, Red Hat and Ubuntu. But iWorks? Really?

First off, while VBA is archaic at best, its available for direct quick development of small functional additions to a document of any type. From Outlook, to Excel, and Visio as well as all those in between its right there behind the scenes ready to help you automate a task or two. And in compared to the Mac’s built in automator the Macro Record function actually repeats all of the tasks instead of just half of them.

More over, Microsoft unlike Apple actually develops APIs that are usable. Every product produced has a majority of thier functions available through the .NET suite of dev languages, and if you’re really needing to delve in… full exposure via C/C++ APIs.

This is where Microsoft has always done well. Reguardless of your opinion on how slick your mac is and how shoddy Windows is… Or who stole what from who. Lets face it most Apple Consumers buy Apple products because they want to LOOK smart… not necissarily because they ARE smart. Hell, Apple and Geiko have basically the same marketing platform… it’s so easy a caveman can do it… or at least my non-techliterate grandmother… who loved her mac so much she continued to use her Pentium II Dell running windows 98 until we just upgraded her to XP. Granted she now uses her iPad because she can watch TV while playing solitare.. I digress.

Apple is somewhat nefarious for releasing underdeveloped APIs. Hence Adobe’s reasoning behind not moving to the 64-bit APIs on Apple until CS6 in relation to availability in CS4 for Windows. This could very well be the reasoning behind MS’s delay in development on Cocoa… Though I believe the 2011 platform did in fact use Cocoa on some if not all Applications. Granted you wouldn’t have known about this in 2009. So you’re forgiven for not being able to adequately predict the future. We’ll call it a draw as I have hindsight on my side.

So you don’t like the ribbon? So they should stop developing the platform? I sure as hell hope you didn’t get paid for this article. Sweet christ… it’s like anyone can write for a blog anymore. What’s really sad is I think all those that actually wanted to be innovators are being replaced by XBOX playing, Playstation Toting, Photoshopping twats. Buy a Mac and you are not only cool, but you too can instantly become a photoshopping, music and movie producing God.

There is a tool for every job, and while submitting articles in DOC, DOCX, or a majority of other formats is borderline retarded, thats a policy decision made by the people writing your checks. Just because you are using the wrong tool for the job, doesn’t mean its a useless tool. And while you may find office 2010 clunky.. I think Apple’s incessant need to not put more than one button on a mouse is rediculous. Hell until this year I had to hold a key down on my keyboard to right click. Only when they could do it cooler than everyone else with multitouch on the mouse did right click get integrated into the mouse. Why? Because its ‘cool’ tech…regardless of how frustrating it is to use.

I think Apple should quit making stuff… because it’s clunky. And more importantly hasn’t been technically better than its competition since they got rid of the one thing they had over WINTEL: The IBM/Motorola Power CPUs.

Steve Jobs was a marketing Genius. HE sold cool to the world, and in the process destroyed everything Woz stood for. RIP.

P.S. You can buy each component piece meal, like you begged so thoroughly for and have been able to since Office 97.